Structural Pest Inspection Ellensburg, WA

At Intermountain Inspections, we offer structural pest inspection in Ellensburg, VA. A structural pest inspection is a visual examination of your home. This includes checking the foundation, walls, roof, windows, and doors for pests. Our pest inspector will look for any cracks, holes, or other damage that could allow pests into the home. They will also check for any areas where water can get inside the house through leaks or broken pipes.

Pests like termites, ants, roaches, mice, rats, bats, birds, squirrels, spiders, and many others can enter your home through small openings. These pests can cause serious health problems if they find their way into your home. If you notice any of these pests around your home, it’s time to call us for a pest inspection. The time it takes to complete a structural pest inspection varies depending on the size of the home and the number of rooms inspected. Most inspections last between 1-4 hours.

Residential Pest Control In Ellensburg, WA

Pest control inspectors at Intermountain Inspections offer the best and the most reliable residential pest control in Ellensburg, WA. Any pest, such as – bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and other such insects, are harmful to you and your children and pets. 

In fact, bed bugs are known to transmit diseases. They can enter your home through cracks and crevices in walls or floors. Cockroaches can cause serious health problems if they infest food supplies or contaminate surfaces and they are often attracted to moist areas, and for rats, rat droppings can damage property and spread germs that can make people unwell. If you suspect you may have any kind of pest breeding, call our residential pest control professionals immediately.

Commercial Pest Control In Ellensburg, WA

Our certified and trained pest control inspectors at Intermountain Inspections provide the most affordable commercial pest control in Ellensburg, WA. We are a locally owned pest control company offering pest control solutions to our commercial clients. 

Our pest control inspectors are trained to safeguard your products and your complete facility against rats, cockroaches, flies, spiders, etc. Moreover, insects are the most common pests that affect the property the most. If left untreated, they can lead to severe infestation. Our licensed professionals know how to use pest control chemicals safely. Contact us today for getting pest control done for your commercial property.

Our Pest Control Process

Our pest control process includes:

  • A thorough inspection of the entire facility, including the interior and exterior.
  • An analysis of your current pest control program.
  • We provide a detailed report of our findings.
  • We offer recommendations for improvements.
  • A plan detailing how we will implement these recommendations.
  • A follow-up visit to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.