Did you know residential home inspections are not just for real estate transactions? Before reading this article ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time you were in your crawlspace? Have you walked or viewed your roofing lately? How is your attic space and under your sinks? A home is a complex set of systems and components that require steady maintenance and care. As our homes age it’s important to evaluate their condition and keep up a maintenance plan to assist in prolonging performance.

There are many great resources available for planning your home maintenance and here is a great link to get you started. This type of home maintenance checklist will keep you organized and spreads out your plan over the seasons. Many items are best completed during or before certain times of the year. An Annual masonry chimney sweep or perhaps scheduling to have your AC serviced before the summer are great examples.

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In addition to setting up a maintenance checklist it is a great idea to partner with a local licensed home inspector to help you know what to look for when planning and prioritizing your work. Intermountain Inspections is Central WA’s local Certified Professional Inspector CPI® and all our home inspections come with an annual home maintenance binder with checklist to get you started and a detailed home maintenance book. It contains information on how your home works, how to maintain it, and how to save energy. We provide our contact information inside the binder so you can always contact your inspector for follow up questions. We are essentially neighbors and we encourage this connection so reach out!

Keep your home well maintained with an annual home maintenance checkup. Connect with your local home inspector to complete this checkup and look for signs of problems with your home that could become major issues if left unattended. Home owners often do not go into crawlspaces or up onto roofs with regular frequency. Over the years we’ve run into serious issues that could be resolved by addressing them before they get worse. A small leak from a drain pipe is a quick fix by a plumber – if left unattended can damage insulation, increase moisture and humidity, damage surrounding wood and structural members, lead to fungal growth, create pest issues and much more!

Zac Withers, CPI® WA Licensed Home Inspector #2389, WSDA Structural Pest Inspector #99271

Just because you are not selling your home or buying a new one does not mean hiring a qualified licensed home inspector is not in your best interest. Get a professional to help you maintain your investment. Happy crawlspace and attic investigating! #HomeInspector #HomeInspection #Maintenance