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Home Inspection FAQ

Home Inspection FAQ

Home Inspection FAQ - How much will my home inspection cost? Home inspections are typically based on overall square footage. Our inspections typically range from $400-$450. Price varies based on add-on services. - How long will my home…

Deal Breakers and Advice for Homebuyers

You potentially found the perfect home to buy, near the middle of that awesome up-and-coming neighborhood you love so much. You’ve got a good lender  to work with you, and you can already smell the lilacs growing in your new backyard! Except…
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Home Maintenance Inspections

Did you know residential home inspections are not just for real estate transactions? Before reading this article ask yourself a few questions: When was the last time you were in your crawlspace? Have you walked or viewed your roofing lately? How is your attic space and under your sinks? A home is a complex set of systems and components that require steady maintenance and care. As our homes age it's important to evaluate their condition and keep up a maintenance plan to assist in prolonging performance.